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~ Maureen & Jerry's 2019 Adventures ~
2019.01.29 - The research has taken a life of it's own. We are continuing the research looking closer at the Pros and especially the Cons. We are leaving next week for a week or so in Colorado for the Alien's wedding. Wait he is getting married? What is up with that or should I say "Sorry, what? I do not understand the statement". For those that do not know, Alien swore off getting married again, years ago. More on the soon to be couple.

2019.01.06 - Did we mention we sometimes research things to death? It took Jerry 6 months to replace a vehicle, because he wanted to buy a car to last, not replace every few years. He bought a brand new 2001 Monte Carlo SS in September of 2000. It lasted until the fall of 2012 when a semi decided to take it out. Did you know the spare tire could be oval.

did some research, talked with others and did I mention a little research?

2019.01.01 - Hello, let's start with a little introduction.


Greetings, My name is Jerry. I am told my background and upbringing gives me a very unique perspective on life and business. I was born and raised Roman Catholic and belong to a Jewish fraternity. I am considered a serial entrepreneur. Starting my first business in 1978. 
I spent some time with the US Army through the University of Cincinnati and finally with the US AirForce in the AWACS program. My dream sheet listed east coast, west coast, and anything overseas and I was stationed in Oklahoma. I still chuckle when I think about that.

In September 2018 we celebrated our 5th Anniversary, but more importantly Jerry's parents 50th. They renewed their vows. It was a wonderful ceremony. Of course Jerry's father (like father like son) had to add a little something and when the priest asked do you again take his monther... His father asked the priest what his options were. "Daily, Weekly, Monthly..." priest paused for a moment, smiled and said "That's good, I'm going to use that". BTW he chose Yearly. 

Since then

Over the 2018 Holiday season we decided we wanted to change our lifestyle. Not sure what, but something needs to change.